About Us

La Mas Bonita (The Prettiest) is a brand created especially for us who do not give up, who continue forward despite difficulties, who smile when we are still sad. For those of us who sometimes need a day or two off to feel better, to leave everything and disappear in a place where nobody knows us. We have sometimes felt not pretty.


La Mas Bonita reminds you that YOU are the prettiest and YOU can achieve everything you set your mind to.


The purpose of La Mas Bonita is to change lives and make all women feel more beautiful. The names of the products remind you that every day is an opportunity to be happy.


Every time you apply a La Mas Bonita product, it encourages you to love yourself first. It is not only a cosmetic brand; it is a brand that motivates!


A percentage of La Mas Bonita sales is donated every month to foundations that need us most, like THE MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION and THE WOMEN'S FOUNDATION OF CALIFORNIA.

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This brand is for you, because we want you to remember that YOU are the prettiest and that YOU can achieve everything you set your mind to.

Be Powerful, Be You, Be La Mas Bonita


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